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  • 食料品・酒類の輸出

    Japanese "OISHII" to the world

    We export various kinds of Japanese foods and alcoholic beverages to all over the world.
    We handle a wide range of dried, refrigerated and frozen foods and alcoholic beverages for retail and commercial use, and contribute to society by disseminating Japanese food culture to the world.
    With the cooperation of many manufacturer, we are building a system that can meet various needs from all over the world, and delivering products.

  • 食品の三国間貿易

    Intermediary trade

    We will take the lead in handling sales contracts, and will greatly reduce transportation days and costs without the cargo going through Japan, and will assist in the direct export and import of products between foreign countries.
    We mainly handle in eel, fish cake (kanikama), pickled ginger (gari), green soybeans (edamame), soy sauce, dried seaweed, and disposable chopsticks.

  • SDGsへの取り組み

    Initiatives for SDGs

    Registered as a Chiba SDGs partner
    [Registration number 1764]